How significant driving lessons in Toronto getting driving license

Selecting right driving school for you can be beneficial and help to become a safe driver. Driving lessons in Toronto may vary from school to school but it is vital that beginner driving course program should be MTO approved.

MTO Approved BDE Course Provider: Driving lessons in Toronto

An MTO approved Beginner Driver Education course provider, free and flexible driving school teaches their new drivers, starting from very basic Toronto in-class driving lessons to confidently driving on road.


Driving lessons in Toronto



Our mission is to deliver quality driving lessons no matter what background of students might be; beginners or having some knowledge. All our instructors are qualified and experts in their field and provides result based training to new drivers. Instructors at free and flexible driving school will not only help new drivers to be confident on road but also to pass their tests successfully and get their license and skills which our new drivers will learn in their training process will help them while driving daily for rest of their lives. Whether our students are slow or fast learners our instructors have been always been patient with our students.

The courses provided by free and flexible driving school basically comprises of three parts:

  • In-class
  • In-car
  • Home link

In-class training hours:

  • Free and flexible driving school has 20 hours of in-class training, by our qualified instructors.
  • All related material of driving course is provided to our new drivers
  • Having a clean and comfortable atmosphere in our classrooms
  • All students /new drivers are compelled to attend complete course.

In-car training hours:

  • Free and flexible driving school has 10 hours of in-car training hours provided by our qualified instructors.
  • The training hours are usually divided into five days means 2 hours of in-car training on your scheduled class date.
  • We make sure that lesson in a single session must be completed that day for more clarity of our students
  • One-to-one lessons are provided so that our students make most out of our in-car training
  • Our instructors will guide new drivers that how to be alert on road and make decisions quickly in case of emergency because while driving everything is happening so quickly so along that your decision making should be prompt as well.

Home link:

  • Free and flexible driving school has 10 hours of home link training
  • Could be computer-based instructions
  • Or extra in class or in car instructions

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When you successfully complete a government-approved beginner driver education course, you’re driving school will certify you online. Your student driver record will be updated through Ministry of Transportation to show that you have completed course. Our courses are designed with a careful understanding of your unique individuality. Thus, we strive to stay focused on making it easy for you. You can message us on our online portal and we’ll be glad to help you.

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Free and flexible driving school is no doubt of best driving school providing driving lessons in Toronto. You can contact us: 647–341–4041

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