G1 driving lessons in Toronto

Easy steps to get your G1 License in Toronto……

Free and flexible driving schools: G1 Driving lessons in Toronto.

Thinking of getting G1 license??? Free and flexible driving school having certified instructors can provide MTO approved beginner driver education course. There are many institutions providing G1 driving lessons in Toronto but at free and flexible driving school we go beyond the classroom; if any of our new drivers contact us with a problem anytime even on holiday we will be there for them, and we will not stop working for them until they get their driving license. Clearing your G1 test will be the first step in getting your G license.


G1 driving lessons in Toronto



Eligibility for G1 license  

  • Your age should be 16 years or older.
  • You have to pass the eye test.
  • And lastly, you have to pass the written test about the knowledge of the rules of the road and traffic signs and signals.

Once our students meet these three requirements they get their G1 driving license.

 Restrictions and rules

  • As the G1 license id for the new drivers, there are certain rules and regulations which they have to follow strictly.
  • While driving the alcohol level in your blood should be ZERO.
  • Including the new driver, all passengers in the vehicle should be wearing functional seat belts.
  • New G1 driver can only drive with a G license holder driver having four years of experience in driving, and he should be the only passenger with the G1 driver.
  • Cannot drive on high-speed expressways
  • Driving between 12.00 am till 5.00am is prohibited for G1 drivers

Best Rules for G1 Driving lessons in Toronto:

These rules and regulations will allow the new G1 drivers to experience their driving in a safer mode and in case the new driver is not following them it can result in severe consequences like suspension of license for a certain period of time, therefore it’s very important for the new G1 license holder to follow all the rules when they are on the road.

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Getting your G1 driving lessons will be the first step in getting your G license you just have to follow the rules and regulations and clear the tests and very soon you will be promoted on the next level with the support of our instructors you can get your G license as well. We have a history of graduating hundreds of new drivers completing their courses and finally getting their G license. After completion of the BDE course our students, BDE Graduates with a Drivers License History may be eligible for an insurance discount. 

Free and flexible driving school as one of the best driving school providing G1 driving lessons in Toronto, we not only help the new drivers to get their license but also we will teach them how to react in panic situations which will help them throughout their lives. We are dedicated to you our valued customers and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our site and hope to see you soon.