How to get a driver’s license in Toronto

For anyone the process of getting a drivers license might be very exciting.There are certain things which you should keep in mind before you start the process of getting a new drivers license. The very first step in getting your new driver’s license in Toronto is to find a good driving school. You can always ask your friends and family to suggest the best driving schools in that specific area. Referrals do matter a lot and they can be very helpful in your search of finding the best driving school in town.

Driving school:

Once you have selected the driving school make sure you check the follow things that school is having or they are following:

  • The courses which the driving school is offering must be approved by the provincial government.
  • Check and ask for any referrals of that specific school.
  • You can always go and meet the instructors just to have an idea.

Free and flexible school in Toronto is an MTO course provider and is considered one of the best driving school having the approved Driving lessons in Toronto and G1 driving lessons in Toronto.

Clearing G1 driver’s test:

Clearing your G1 drivers test is the very first step in getting your G license. Usually the eligibility for G1 test is that you have to be 16 years or older, you have to pass your eye test and finally you have to pass the written test which is usually about the rules and regulation, safety and security when you hit the road.

G1 driver’s license is the license of giving a first experience to the new driver in a safe mode having some strict rules and regulations for this type of license holders. After this you can start the process of getting your G2 license or your G license. You will have to pass two road tests to get your G drivers license. When you clear the first road test you will get your G2 drivers license and while clearing the second one you get the G drivers license.

BDE Course:

A beginner driver education course usually comprises of 20 hours in-class, 10 hours in-car and 10 hours of home link training which could be computer based instructions Or extra in class or in car instructions. The beginner driver education course has to be completed within one year as per the law. BDE Graduates with a Drivers License History may be eligible for an insurance discount. Following the basic rules and regulations which you will be instructed in the class will surely help you to be a confidant driver on the road.

It may be a long process to get the G license but it’s worth the wait. In the end you will be confidant no matter what road you might take the things new drivers might learn in the training process help while they are on the road. Just be vigilant and confidant and follow the safety rules and regulations and you are good to go.

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