Should I take lessons in automatic car

Pro’s and con’s of taking driving lessons in automatic car?

Are you planning to get your driver’s license? Then it might be a difficult decision for you to make which type of car you want to get your license. while being in the field for so long we have successfully helped hundreds of new drivers get their driving license with the help of our effective Toronto in-class driving lessons, we have always recommended our new driver to learn on the manual gear as in the future they will have an option to drive on both manual and automatic gear cars, on the other hand if you are planning to get your license by giving the test on automatic car you will be only able to drive on automatic cars. So there are some advantages and disadvantages of both options and you have to be very careful while making the decision for yourself.



Cost of going for an automatic car

As mentioned before there are some advantages and disadvantages if you are going for an automatic car. While getting your driver’s license you will have to pay lesser than for the manual ones as automatic cars are easier to drive. But if we look in the future cost of having an automatic car you will realize that they are comparatively more expensive than the manual cars, they consume more fuel or gas, they have high repairing cost and above all automatic cars are more expensive than the manual one to buy.

Ease of having an automatic car

Market is flooded with all the latest models with added features than before and the latest and the newer models are so efficient that will make your ride even smoother and quicker in changing the gear. Yet automatic cars give a great advantage of an easy drive, even in the hilly areas and slop you will not have to see the stability of clutch and accelerator your car will do that for you for a smoother and safe drive.

Even in the case of slow traffic, you will not have to worry about gearbox because your automatic car is taking care of that. It’s a pretty good startup option for the people who have less confidence on the road because while driving on automatic vehicle they can build-up their confidence. Automatic cars are also a good option for people having slight disability as these cars are easier to drive and control.

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